"The Jungle Book " Review

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Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Rating: 3.25/5

Cast: Neel Sethi, Ben Kingley, Idris Elba, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Christopher Walken, Lupita Nyong'o.

Music: John Debny

Cinematography: Bill Pope

Rudyard Kipling

 Walt Disney

Director: Jon Favreau

Release Date: 8th April, 2016

Who wouldn't have loved watching Mogli from the 90s cartoon series 'Jungle Book'? Its a memorable experience which the younger generation could remember all their lives. Now, The cartoon characters in Jungle Book have been given life by prestigious Hollywood production house Walt Disney. Neel Sethi, an Indian-American Boy, played the lead role in 'The Jungle Book' and its needless to mention about the huge expectations on the project.


Mogli, an abandoned child, was found by a panther Bagheera in the forest. Bagheera asks Akela who is the head of the wolves in the terrain to take care of Mogli. Tiger Sher Khan hates Mogli and waits for the dry season to see the end of the child. That's when, Bagheera decides Mogli's life could be saved only if he was taken to the village where humans live. On their way to the village, Sher Khan attacks Bagheera and demands sacrifice of Mogli as per the law of the jungle. Did Bagheera succumb to the pressure? Was Mogli able to win against Sher Khan? Grab the tickets to know more...!


Neel Sethi did a terrific job as Mogli. Its never going to be easy for a kid to visualize as if he was living with wild animals in a dense forest and act accordingly. His screen presence, energy and heroics in action blocks were so good to watch.

Scarlett Johansson is marvelous. Christopher Walken is first rate. Other actors too have been stupendous in their roles.




Visual Effects

Emotional Quotient


Slow Paced at times


Technically, 'The Jungle Book' is of an another level. Visual Effects are an integral part of storytelling and they make the whole experience very enriching. Music is simply outstanding. Camera Work is mind blowing…visuals are breathtaking and the animals look so real. Telugu Dubbing and Dialogues were good. Editing is good. Production Values are marvelous.


Jungle Book made by Disney 50-Years-Ago became a favorite pass time for Indian kids in the 90s after Doordarshan began airing the dubbed versions of the cartoon series on Sundays. Walt Disney decided to give a new form to the cartoon series after several years, that's how a feature film 'The Jungle Book' became a reality Today.

Its like visiting a new World altogether once thronged into theaters screening 'The Jungle Book'. The film makes you laugh, even scares, shocks and touches your heart at times. Neel Sethi is the only actor in the movie. Rest of others are just Animated Characters but viewers forget about this aspect and connect with them within just few minutes. Even the voice given to the animals and the way they emote looks very apt.

Makers tried to narrate a good story and the emotional quotient in the movie deserves a special mention. There is plenty of situational comedy in the movie.  The battle between Mogli and Sher Khan in the climax is thrilling to say the least.

The Jungle Book takes viewers on an adventurous ride from start to finish. To be able to do that inspite of the fact that everybody is familiar with story is clap-worthy effort. This isn't just a film for children but even grown-ups could enjoy the experience thoroughly. Don't miss watching this visual spectacle in 3D!

Bottom Line:
A Coming-Of-Age Tale!

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