Trivikram A..Aa movie theatrical Trailer

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Hero Nitin's birthday is coming on March 30th and we have director Trivikram giving a special treat on this eve. Guess what is that treat?

Actually "A..Aa" shooting has been progressing at Annapurna Studios right now and in couple of days total talkie part will be completed. Today heroine Samantha's part is completed. Already Trivikram is busy preparing a special and the first ever teaser of the film which he wants to unveil on Nitin's birthday.

Just in case if teaser is not possible, then A..Aa team will release First Look of the film. If you could remember, only pre-First Look is released till date.

Trivikram's latest celluloid, Nitin and Samantha's "A..Aa" is finally here. The first ever teaser of the film is released today at 5pm and here it goes.

In a new way, Trivikram has introduced us to the scene, where the principal characters of the film introduced to each other. And we're introduced to Anasuya Ramalingam whose name starts with 'A' and Anand Vihari whose name starts with "Aa'. One dialogue from Samantha, where says that those the starting alphabets of their names are side by side, it took 25 years for them to meet, summarises the whole love story cum family drama.

"A..Aa" will be hitting cinemas in May 2016. Mickey J Meyer's music and Nataraj Subramaniam's photography are a treat.

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