Nara Rohit "Raja Cheyyi Veste" Movie Theatrical Trailer

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It takes guts for a new comer to make a film with style and substance. But newcomer director Pradeep Chilukuru's dreams are hugely supported by hero Nara Rohith and producer Sai Korrapati.

Trailer of "Raja Cheyyi Veste" speaks more for itself than anything else. The film sounds like a super action drama involving a good boy (Nara Rohith) and a bad guy (Tarakaratna) and their cat-mouse chase is the story. Fantastic dialogues, terrific visuals and stylish conceiving of scenes are the USP of this film if we have to go by the trailer.

Top not visuals supported by Sai Karthik's background score are a worthy watch. Seems like Nara Rohith is going great guns.

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