IBTL Brilliant yatra.com ad mocking Kanhaiya

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Kanhaiya Kumar has won instant recognition with his powerful speeches. With his intense rendition, the JNU student made his azadi slogan a rage among young people .The craze of Kanhiya among youths reached new level and we have heard about 'Kanhaiya T-shirts' being sold in Delhi.

Recently a ad made by  Delhi government too used 'azadi' as its catchphrase. Ever since Kanhaiya used it, is being utilized by other brands and parties. The latest example is a hilarious Yatra.com ad which even features a Kanhaiya look-alike.

The travel portal ad that shows Kanhaiya's look-alike raising the 'azadi' slogan at an airport to get a window seat. The new video commercial for Yatra's web-check-in app is going viral. The marketing team at Yatra seem to have hit the nail right in a way that appeals to the middle-class India

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